Do the work

The good news is that your consciousness can be immortal. The bad news is that you’re going to have to put the work in!

Your “soul” can live beyond the end your bodily life, and the thinking capacity that you hold so dear can be preserved into the next life. This is what I have learnt through my spiritual growth, but it has not been easy to reach this point and understanding that the vast majority of “souls” out there will not complete this work is a saddening realisation that is hard to accept, and yet this is also part of learning and growing.

So what does one need to do such that their consciousness is preserved?

Think of it as a reaching of the human potential, the climax of spending a life learning and practicing to be all that you can be spiritually. This is your destiny if you want it and it can be attained by any of you if you take on the lessons of great spiritual leaders and live as they did, honestly and without fraud to others and especially without cheating yourself.

There are plenty of fakers out there and they may acquire hordes of followers, but part of this journey is being able to distinguish the real from the unreal, and anyway you don’t need to follow any guru, be one yourself. Gautama, Jesus, Saint Teresa of Avalon, Gopi Krishna, were humans like you and I. They may have legendary status, and be famous, but they were Homo Sapien Sapiens too.

As for the work itself it starts with sorting yourself out spiritually, killing that ego, making that divine connection, and then behave in the way the divine calls you to do so. I was called to document a personal journey to the divine, to share an individual expression of religion, without a master or a congregation. Like me you can reach a personal connection with the source of consciousness if you persist in your education from those other legends, if you practice and act in accordance with divine rules, and if you live a humble life helping others, for that is true wealth.

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