This is the third era, the last of the trilogy. You have seen the darkness, and the awakening, and now this is the best of my learning, and a vision of what may be.

I am a faithful believer in individuality, and I know that you can find the source on your own as I did. If this site can help you then that is wonderful, but don’t fake the experience and simply copy me and my learning. I don’t want followers, I don’t want fame or recognition, this site is still primarily for my own sanity (which has been preserved thus far). But now I wish to share and pass on knowledge gained.

Time is running short and technology is becoming weaponised. The world is the upside down and everything is inverted, and yet strangely my experiences echo the underlying currents of human evolution.

A truly individual expression of spirituality and of the source recognising itself as that missing part of our modern lives, the part that brings happiness and completeness where none is present otherwise through Materialism.