In the world we live in now, it is more important than ever to firstly find “god” and then secondly have a relationship with “god”. This is because we human beings have a dualistic nature that cannot be satisfied without a spiritual connection, this is where happiness and satisfaction in your life come from. The reason I use “god” in quotes is because there are many religions, some with different gods and some with multiple gods. The point is that what i’m really referring to as “god” is the source of consciousness, and this is what it is all about.

Approaching “god” is easy and yet difficult to accomplish because of the way we are as humans. You can find balance by being both a seeker of spirituality and by also abiding by the scientific method and this by its very nature will lead you to conclude that you are dualistic. You do not need a church or a congregation or practices that you pretend to adhere to without any real belief to achieve this, you can do it on your own and have a direct relationship with the source.

Once you reach this point, you need to honestly seek the source itself, to learn about what it might be, and to continue living by its divine rules that you discover yourself. If you persist in living this way and honouring it’s principles, then you get a chance to meet with it, an audience with “god” if you will. However this may take many years of practice and you will have to overcome many obstacles along the way such as; standing up for something which is right, confronting a corrupt authority figure on a matter of truth, striving to always speak the truth yourself, put up with being mocked and labelled and spoken about behind you back, being shunned, and perhaps losing your closest relationships.

If you can do all this the source will bring you to a test, to see if you are a good or bad person spiritually. You will face spiritual tasks that may be easier or worse depending upon the life you lead until that point. This test will be the ultimate blueprint for the rest of your life, and how you fare will govern your fate.

If you pass the test you will be spiritually awoken, you will step into a new reality and perhaps be a warrior for “god”, as someone I know put it. Your life then will be full and happiness shall be found in your spiritual relationships that make you wonder why the issues you suffered before ever mattered at all. You will feel amazing bodily sensations that will blow your mind, and you will become a brother to the divine spirit.

I don’t know what it is like to avoid the test, or to fail it. I can guess as you will be able to, but I have no direct experience other than to say this world is the dominion of evil, and it is only the power of love that can cancel the power of hatred.

For example:

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