Following all the rules will make you go insane, they are contradictory and not there for your benefit. Find your own set of rules that work and make sense!

Why? because if you are not doing so you will not have integrity, and likely your ego will be in control of you and will drive you in the directions it desires. Having rules may seem old fashioned or authoritarian, but think of it like a contract between you and yourself. You need to get positive validation from your brain that you are doing the right thing, and also from the universe. And it will serve it if you are honest. Lastly it is perhaps a rare commodity in this world now, so many people change with the wind and to have that stoic belief in a set of rules, and also to live by them is admirable by those around you.

I’ve been in horrible situations where i’ve been pushed to change my rules and to go with someone else’s set so that they might benefit. I have suffered at there hand, but afterwards both them, and the people around them who witnessed my integrity have congratulated me on standing in the truth and not wavering. You may have had this experience in school as a child, where you stood up to a bully and got beaten up for it. However afterwards you gained prestige and standing within the school for taking that stand.

So when your boss comes to you and asks you to change the test results so that the product may pass without rework, just say no! This is the way to find not only salvation, but the source of consciousness for the universe wants to witness your acts of integrity too.

so how do you come up with your own set of rules? Well perhaps start with something like the law, or a holy scripture (Hinduism is most practical). Then try following it, and when you find a contradiction change a rule for your private set. Keep adding rules and changing rules from reputable sources until there is no longer any logical contradiction, although you will break the rules of those cherry picked sources. The result is a set that is personal to you, and sanity may be retained, even if purists will have a fit at what you have done. When you progress you will find that the source of consciousness will guide your tweaking and help you decide what is good and what is bad with respect to it. Ultimately you will open yourself up to another realm through persisting in following your rules (as long as you do adhere to your own integrity).

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