Why Study Kundalini?

I don’t think there is much advertising of Kundalini out there in the world, save for the Hatha yoga variant, so I wanted to put together a little personal sales pitch for anyone looking into the term and wondering what it is all about. As with everything I do, there is no sale to be found lurking at the end of this, no subscription or membership fee. What I offer is free and will remain free because that is giving love to you and to the universe.

Kundalini is the essence of spiritual growth in a human being. In our lives we grow in many ways, but our society today targets the young and stunts their inherited and natural growth into full adulthood. It does this for purposes of control which serves the establishment who want to keep people immature. We have lost our coming of age trials, and we are told that accountability and responsibility are not for us to worry about, there are always others that contributed to our plight and as a collective we will learn lessons and move forward. This model of society is good for the establishment and for the parasites at the top making money off of the little people, but it is very bad for our mental health.

Without knowing about Kundalini or having a Kundalini awakening, people are lost in a world of mental health issues, and believe me there are a lot of mental health issues out there. Religion is no longer fitting the bill for helping people come to terms with the state of the world, or the state of their own minds. So we live in a highly controlled society of fearful people where they get along by turning to drugs, or by joining cults where they may feel some kinship and belonging.

This is where Kundalini can help you, but it is not for everyone. I do not want to understate this, Kundalini practices will lead you to a fundamental test of who you are. I do not know who can pass this test, or fail it. I can only know that I passed, but others may fail. If you pass then not only do the above issues fade into the background, but you also grow into a maturity the likes of which 90% of humanity do not have. Now while being an adult is no great feat on it’s own, being the only adult in a room full of children is beneficial to your own sanity, survival, and the wellbeing of your family and friends.

Gaining confidence in yourself and in your place in this universe is worth more than a billion notes of any world currency. Remember Kundalini is your birthright and can be looked at as a second puberty for the body, it is not anything that requires drugs or brainwashing, it does not require any monetary expense or belonging to any group, and it is not a con or a scam but I do need to address its bad press. Firstly the modern establishment system is against it, because it will prevent their control from being exerted over you. Secondly because of its test at the centre of the coming of age journey, it can be failed and due to this people who do fail speak ill of it and spread rumours that it is somehow evil and satanic, when it is they who fueled their own experience. Still the stories of failure spread, and those people can attract a lot of attention bashing a natural human stage of growth and scare others, putting them off even talking about the subject.

So why learn about Kundalini, and put yourself in for a test that you could fail? Well as with any tribal coming of age experience it leads to growth for those who pass the test, and I don’t mean physical growth but spiritual growth, and with that achievement probably the most important benefit to one is a facet of human nature that we know holds us all back and allows us to be controlled, one that so many fear and dread so much that not only will they not speak of it, but they will not even entertain the idea of it. I am of course talking about the fear of death. This human failing is the lynchpin in society that keeps you under the thumb of authorities, stops you being responsible and accountable, and it is this fear that stops you from living your best life.

“We just need your compliance, you will feel no pain anymore and no more defiance.” say the artist Muse on their latest album.

It is something that religion used to help with, but as religion is now an increasingly powerless organ of society all we have is the cold hard truths of science. Perhaps somewhat ironically it is the Scientific Method that will help you understand any Kundalini experience and peer reviews will have you checking your results against others. Using the Scientific Method you can review historical accounts of Kundalini too from the likes of Gopi Krishna among others, to verify and validate your own experience. Sure there is nothing physical resulting from a Kundalini experience to see, but the results of an awakening can be witnessed by others around you watching you grow beyond them. Remember Hypothesis, Experiment, Theory.

There are of course other benefits to Kundalini such as confidence in who you are, where you sit in the fabric of the universe, and what you are able to achieve in this life, and confidence in a life after death. Yes, you can have the experience of knowing that death is not the end. How is death not the end? Well..

Kundalini Shakti (energy) once awakened will fill the vessel of your body and give rise to inner experiences that address your consciousness personally. For it is not the body which goes forth after death, but your consciousness, and it is your consciousness which really is the essence of you, not the aging body which you’ve inhabited. Science cannot find or understand how consciousness is created, how it works, or what happens to it. It cannot be measured by instruments, it cannot be seen in any computer scan, it is elusive. Religion gets closer to understanding this, but it is all by proxy and the individual is not supposed to have direct experiences, but believe them through the words of others.

Kundalini is the direct experience of energy moving in the body and changing ones perception of the world and universe, and of life itself. It is this direct gnostic experience without anyone else standing in the way that leads to the confidence spoken about previously. That confidence is that you are loved dearly by the source of consciousness, that your consciousness survives death and passes back to the source your learning from the life you led, and that you will go on to higher dimensions after your time on Earth is up.

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