The Great Narrative: A Call To Action

We the working people of the planet, must not allow “The Great Narrative” currently being constructed by the WEF and partners to become the only story of future history books.

We the working people have overwhelmingly suffered the most over the last two years. We the working people have personal stories and experiences which already contradict the official narrative, and these are banned and censored all over the web now, and may become permanently memory holed before long. We know in our homes what is going on around us and with our neighbours and families and children. We can see and hear the truth that is not told to us on the TV and radio, in the newspapers and on the internet. We can taste the betrayal, and smell the bullshit and must not let the “final command of the party” become reality.

Now I’m not going on some Marxist jag about the proletariat & bourgeoisie here. This is a matter of documentation that can be preserved along side the official one, so that our descendants can see that while the official story is taught and quoted, there is an overwhelming public narrative that runs parallel to it, perhaps a greater body of shared experience. One with contradicts and corrects the authorities, one which provides real world examples and records through video, audio, and photography to show evidentially, not just tell authoritatively, what happened, and perhaps more importantly what we want the future to be, and it is not for me, one of masks, lockdowns, gene therapies, smart surveillance, or corrupt rulers.

We the working people outnumber our inept and blackmailed rulers by millions upon millions, and we have the ability to tell our histories, and our future dreams like never before, so go do it! If you get censored, tell the same story elsewhere. We don’t need to conquer them, but simply overwhelm their account of our lives.

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