Covid Endgame Pyschodrama

So I spent a day ruminating on this idea, I thought I’d share it for posterity.

Living Room Interior – Night


“Who’s that at the door, at this time?”


“This is it i’m afraid, I love you and the kids. Don’t forget me”

A loud thumping comes from the front door.


“What’s going on, what haven’t you told me! You’re worrying me.”

Husband: (puts down his laptop)

“My passwords and financial documents are in the safe. Please don’t sell all my things cheaply, there’s a lot of valuable things i’ve collected for you there. I’ve tried to prepare for this as best as I could”

Thumping on the door gets louder.

Officer 1:

“Open up Mr H, or we’ll break the door down.”

Wife: (Getting slightly hysterical)

“I’m scared, what’s going on? What have you done?”


“I’m sorry, I won’t cause a scene. Look after the kids will you.”

Crying is heard from the children upstairs, and Mrs H gets up to open the front door. But the Police kick it open and burst into the hall.

Officer 1: (yelling)

“Mr H you are under arrest for a breach of the Coronavirus Health Protection Regulations 2020. You have failed to vaccinate yourself against Covid-19 as required by the law, you have failed to pay the fine given to you, and you have failed to turn up to court on your appointed date.”

Husband does not move or say anything and remains seated on the sofa in front of the TV.

Three police officers enter the house dressed in anti-terrorism gear and they are armed. They act like they have entered a gang house and push Mrs H to the floor. Officer 3 heads upstairs with semi automatic gun drawn and pointing in front of him. Officer 1 & 2 enter the living room.

Wife: (screams in pain and begins to weep)

Officer 1: (aggressive)

“Mr H I am arresting you under section 13 of the regulations, and you will be taken to a suitable place for your protection and safety. You do not have to say anything. But, it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something which you later rely on in court. Anything you do say may be given in evidence.”

Husband: (sits quietly watching the TV and ignoring the Police)

Officer 1: (Shouting and pointing his gun at the Husband)

“Do you understand what I am telling you, Mr H?”

Husband: (turns up the volume on the TV and continues to ignore the Officer)

Officer 2: (Yelling)

“Do you understand what you are being told Mr H?”

Officer 1: (turning to his colleague)

“Cuff Him!”

Officer 2 removes a zip tie from her belt and walks to Mr H still with her gun pointed at him.

Officer 2:

“Put your hands behind your back!”

“I said, put your hands behind your back”

The Husband does not move or acknowledge the Officer. Officer 2 put her gun down and reaches for the husband’s left arm, he does not offer any resistance.

Officer 2:

“Do not resist arrest!”

Officer 2 pulls the Husband’s arm around his back, and rolls him over on the sofa, then pulls his right arm behind him and zips the tie around his wrists leaving the Husband kneeling on the floor and bent over the sofa facing the sofa back.

Officer 2:

“Stand up!”

The Husband does not move.

Officer 2:

“I told you to stand up!”

Still no response from the Husband.

Officer 1: (Yelling)

“Get up!”

Officers 1 and 2 share a glance and then move to stand the Husband. He will not help them and despite their efforts to have him stand he keeps sitting as soon as they release him.

Officer 1:

“You are resisting arrest Mr H, you’re only making this worse for yourself!”

The Husband does not acknowledge the comment and just sits slumped now staring at the wall.

Officer 3 returns from upstairs with two young children in their pajamas. Both are crying and the Wife scurries over to them to comfort them. All three are distressed.

With the third Officers help the Husband is lifted awkwardly and man handled out of the house to the waiting Polive Van parked outside with its lights flashing.

Husband: (Mouths but does not speak as he passes his Wife and kids)

“I love you”

The Officers carry the Husband into the van and is dumped on the seat as 2 of the Officers get in beside him.

Officer 1: (looking in the Husbands eyes)

“Now there was no need for all of that was there?”


“You are correct.”

Covid Detention Centre – 3 Weeks later

Prisoner 1: (walking around the excercise yard next to the Husband)

“These fucking fascists asked me again to take the clot shot. I said no as always. They’ll have me in here until I die”


“I think that’s the idea.”

Prisoner 1: (thoughtful)

“Who would’ve thought this could happen to us, Britain I mean. After all these years of standing against Fascism and tyranny!”


“Is was planned long ago, i’m afraid. This is not been a knee jerk reaction by people who do not know what they are doing. Even if that was how they wanted to present themselves.”

Another Prisoner who knows this pair runs up to them and speaks out of breath

Prisoner 3:

“Have you heard about David? He’s dead, they killed him, they fucking killed him and will blame it on the virus!”



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