My Covid Vaccine Apporval Criteria

As a father, I am less concerned about my own health than I am for my Children’s health. As a result I am not satisfied with the way the vaccine is being steam rollered out to the world today. It honestly has all the properties of a scam in the way it is being “sold” to the public with a limited time offer and late fess for non obedience.

Now my family appears to have natural immunity to the virus so i’m less worried about my health than say someone with family members already dead from covid or someone with co-morbidities, however I accept that there is a virus which is dangerous to some, so I have some tests of my own for this vaccine.

Now, governments derive their power from the consent of the governed, and ours has severely over reached on its mandate, but for the sake of this piece I will look past that issue and only focus on health.


  • Any product must be voluntary and individuals must be able to choose for themselves on health grounds as to the pros and cons of taking such a product. No One Size Fits All thinking here with me and no coercion on the grounds of fear.
  • The product must be proven to be effective, and by this I mean it must stop the host from becoming ill from the pathogen and it must stop the spread of the disease.
  • The product must be proven to be 100% safe to take in the short term, in that it is not harmful in any way to the individual injected. Hippocratic school of medicine rules.
  • The product must be proven to be 100% safe in the long term. As bill Gates said “if you want to wait and see if a side effect turns up two years later. Uh, that takes two years.” At the moment the phase 3 trial has been running for 10 months. Most worryingly 12 year old’s that may not yet have completed puberty will not know the effects of the product until many years later.
  • The product must not be mis-sold as a subscription that cannot be later cancelled, i.e. it must not need to be continually taken to be effective, or to prevent other illness. A good product will sell itself as history shows, bad products however need to be heavily advertised, and people need to be tricked into buying them.

This list is not exhaustive, and I reserve the right to add more criteria later.

Without the above criteria being met this vaccine does not get my approval for use on myself or my family.

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