They say the best things in life are free, and when it comes to learning this should definitely be the case. Kids shouldn’t have to pay for education, friends shouldn’t charge for their friendship, mentors shouldn’t make you set up a direct debit for their wisdom, religious types shouldn’t have to pay to be taught about their gods, websites shouldn’t sell your information, contacts, and browser history so that you may use them, and I won’t charge you to read this blog.

In fact if you are being asked to pay for your learning, beyond say the price of the pages to be printed, there’s generally nothing there of any merit. Knowledge given for free is good knowledge for your own benefit and paid for “hidden” information is often (but not always) a scam.

Great teachers want to share their learning, so that you can be great too. They want to tell the world how to do things better than they were doing them, they wish to see humanity thrive and grow and blossom. If someone wrote to me an email asking for help with their Kundalini experience, I would gladly help them for free. Such is the learning of Kundalini and the wisdom bestowed upon me by the source of consciousness.

I want to see an enlightened world, not an enslaved one, a world where people are self accountable and responsible, and trustworthy. I believe that it is this giving of learning freely that allows that new world to come into view (paraphrasing George HW Bush as the opposite of his plans). An overuse of laws just make people bitter and vengeful.

In my new world people are not asked to agree to contracts, and are not constrained by patents, and of course there will be those who cheat and try to do better than others in that manner. That is the dualistic essence of human nature, but like the two wolves parable, if we feed the good side of human nature then we will succeed without mandated political structures, and without the rule of law. I think jungles get along just fine without laws. Just when did a jungle try and take over a neighbouring territory out of greed? Oh yeas, never!

I give you my pledge that for as long as I am able to pay for the maintenance of this website, it will be free, advertless, and will not harvest your data.

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