Reworking Kipling’s If For 2024

If you do as your parents/teacher/partner/boss say, rather than do what you know to be right,

If you often lose, even small losses, and pass that loss on to others with anger,

If you believe societal fashions like they are the Gospel, yet you flip from one to the next,

If you won’t take a stand on your own, even though you are right, for fear of being ostracized,

if you acquiesce to mental and physical thieves, while your peers look at you in disbelief,

If you parrot the media narratives, even when you know they are lies and propaganda,

If you comply with bullies, even when you know you could stand up to them and win,

If you identify your character with a religion, yet ignore the wrongs that religion has done,

If you don’t break the law, even if though you know it is partisan and immoral,

If you support a corrupt self serving government, that always takes more and gives less,

If you cheer for war, when the cause is fabricated and untrue, and you know it will kill many,

If you’ve given up on your dreams, and simply live as a Nihilist,

Then my son you will have failed, and what’s more, you will be a fool.

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