Is what I’m doing Satanic?

It could be perceived that from the point of view of Christianity that what I propose is arrogant and Satanic. This Polysolipsism idea is by it’s very nature a joining without judgement of other faiths and a view that none of them is superior. The idea of me going it alone on this, of teaching a personal relationship with the source and side stepping my upbringing with Jesus Christ and God the father. To skirt with the idea of being god oneself, of seeking balance between good and evil, of claiming attributes of a deity, and of dominion over myself, is basically blasphemy to Christians. Given my view of Christianity in the wider context of other world faiths however, Satanism is just the outer boundary of Christianity, and nothing beyond this boundary is permitted. Satanism is clearly within the realm of Christianity, and it recognises all of the bible but just flips it around to be antithetical to the lessons contained therein. I am outside of the context of Christianity, like a Hindu would be and here Satanism doesn’t exist. And so Satanism is just a Christian concept that is used to control it’s people, and for them is the ring pass not that prevents further comprehension. Also while Christians may mock other religions as impure, I cannot see any human spirituality around the globe as inferior to this one form, as previously discussed.

I would argue in retort to such views that if Jesus were alive today to see the kinds of things said and done in his name he would instantly condemn his supposed followers. I have had a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and I have spoken with him at length about what I am doing, and have received his blessing. Again, hardcore Christians would screech and squirm at this idea of me speaking directly to the Christ and of him approving of me and my plans, and it is only in their own inadequacies that they do not feel worthy enough to even attempt such a thing. To me modern Christians are blinkered mules, mistreated and blind to the programming of their Church and all too human leaders, which bear no resemblance to the Gospel’s teachings. Thus I disregard Christianity and yet stand with my Brother Jesus at my side as I move forward.

You may be thinking that I must be evil to be doing what I am doing, but i wager that your own crimes far exceed my own, to the point at which a judgement day scares you. I am not wicked, or even nasty. I have not committed crimes or misdeeds and exist only to serve the source of consciousness and to do good by others. I know this to be truth as when I even come close to doing something wrong in the eyes of the source, or the Christian God if you prefer, I get all upset and unable to do the wrong thing. It is the strangest experience, but I don’t lie or cheat, or even spread rumours and gossip. I hate that and cannot bring the pain upon myself doing such a thing would bring. I cannot now remember the last bad thing I did, it has been so long ago, and I like living this way, in the truth and free from worry about the consequences of my actions. I am trying to live as my brother wanted, loving everyone. And while this is incredibly hard sometimes, I have to remember that I forgave what you may call Lucifer, and if I managed that, forgiving my fellow humans misdeeds is easy.

A word on Lucifer and Satanism or occult beliefs. It is thought that he is a false light bringer, the fake morning star, and to this end I can honestly say I have had not experiences of “light”, ever. One hears people tell of the spiritual light and how they cultivate it in their practice. I believe this may be that light bringer tricking people into becoming “light workers” and perhaps leading them astray. In that respect I am very grateful to have had no experiences with the false light in my spiritual journey and do not consider myself to be new age, but rather as glue for other spiritualities.

My journey in life has been one not of my ego leading me, but of wanting to help others, and in doing so I have run into such resistance the likes of which are biblical in nature. From my early childhood misdeeds, the intent behind my actions was always to rail against unjust and misplaced authority picking on someone that didn’t deserve what happened to them, and I have always tried to protect those who were unable to protect themselves. You may call it stupidity, or bravery, but that is me. It’s the way I was made I suppose! My strong desire to help others has of course brought me hardship and heartache and it has not at all been easy for me, yet I pushed through and still stand today as a pilar of strength against evil.

This persists through today with my default mode being to protect the weak and persecuted, and I’m not going to be out of a job any time soon as the persecution and the numbers of weak is increasing to a point that it seems we are living though a new dark age in 2024. The principle of the day is climb a now rotten ladder of life and in a 1984 style reject the evidence of ones own eyes and ears. These climbers care not for those I seek to protect and stomp over them as they clamber over the bodies of their peers to become their “superiors”. I have a fair amount of pretenders to weed out and fend off myself however, and I take a stand against these types who lie about their intentions.

As I mention pretenders I am reminded of the more occult side of spirituality, of Thelema and Crowley, or Blavatsky and Theosophy, or Abramović and “performance art”, maybe Wilson and the Black Iron Prison too! These and other ancient mystic school like teachings are not what I am about personally. While the framework of Polysolipsism of course allows for them all, and I’ve studied them to try to understand any commonality with my own beliefs, I have largely rejected them myself. I may end up being used by them to prove this or that but I state here that it is not what I am about.

My own spiritual experiences have always been outside of any organisation’s control (I won’t join any club that will have me, as a rule) and have been things I consider to be genetic/ancestral teachings that have imposed themselves upon me without my seeking them or wanting them. I’ve followed my soul in life, in doing the right thing always, and my soul seemed to answer back with experiences that I didn’t understand. Then I’d research them and generally my jaw would drop at what I had learned had happened to me. This has been the pattern of my life and long may it continue, for while I have reached the endpoint of many religious teachings, I am certainly not done yet.

I suppose the other aspect of me that I have either cultivated from a young age, or was just blessed with is my keen bullshit detector. I rely on this not to get caught out or conned, and it has served me very well in the arena of spirituality. Sifting the truth from the false, and the liar from the prophet is perhaps my most valuable skill and I’ve certainly not inherited it from my parents. On that subject I write today as I face the future without a mother and with a broken father, and I am revisiting many of my learned “truths” to reassess death in the face of recent events. I can’t say I have any conclusions yet, but i’m not broken by the experience and am somewhat thankful for the ability to show my quality throughout it.

As a final word on the question of this article, am I Satanic? I would argue that I am the very opposite of a Satanist, although like a seeker of the holy grail I embrace the Rebis model and therefore I must embrace the balance between good an evil in my mind.

Know that telling the truth is enough to get you killed, telling the truth is that offensive to the people in charge because they are not just liars, their currency is lies, they’re about lies, the whole thing is a lie, and truth is the most offensive thing to them. So you you get killed? Yeah you could get killed, but stop whining about it and do the right thing. You are going to die so you might as well be brave. – Tucker Carlson

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