Why does Kundalini present logically?

The most startling thing for me to learn was that Kundalini Shakti has a logic to its manifestation in my body. It would be easy to dismiss it as delusion or mental illness if it came on like a random bunch of crazy thoughts and images, or some trippy drug fueled experience that seemed to make sense at the time, but when one looked back it was gibberish.

The fact that Kundalini Shakti presents in my mind as coherent, sensible, wise even, is why I have always taken it to be something intelligent and personality based. I think if it had presented in other way I would have thought I had gone insane, and it is this angle of communication with entities who claim to be known historical figures that really makes it believable. If you can accept religion as history then I can honestly say that I have never had contact with fictional characters or any wild crazy colours and sounds. You know, I’ve never been contacted by Bugs Bunny, or Doctor Emmett Brown, or the monolith tunnel from 2001 Space Odyessy. It’s always been “real” people and there has been a flowing back and forth of conversation that remains logical years after the experience.

I am and always have been astounded by the framing of Kundalini communication with other consciousnesses. The exchange has structure and form like an every day verbal conversation that one might have in the office. It has an introduction, a body of interchange related to a subject, and it also ends with gratitude and and saying goodbye. I don’t understand why it is this way, and maybe it says more about me than the energy itself. Maybe it manifests differently for other people, you know like a stereotypical psychic getting bits and bobs coming through to them that are not contiguous, like “I’m getting the name Jim, and the colour orange” and for me it’s more formal and meeting like.

After a communication I’m left with knowledge or an emotional resolution that stays with me and I can return to that memory without thinking it was all made up nonsense that a deluded mind concocted to avoid my reality and to escape the pressures of daily life. Moreover the advice I get is just and good, and it is not things that would cause me to faulter or to fail in my life. I of course always have in the back of my thinking that it could be an invention of an overly sensitive and creative mind, and I constantly check my experience by this measure. I can honestly say I have never been led astray by Kundalini and found myself in a fix because of doing something it suggested I did and this again astounds me. It would be all to easy to dismiss the occurrence as a random thought process, but if that were the case I’d be told to do crazy stuff like smearing a banana on my boss’s laptop screen and then his face, or stripping naked in Tesco while singing Swing low sweet chariot! But it honesty has never asked anything mad of me and I’m not a looney in a padded cell of a hospital calling out Tourettes like expletives to the world.

I also consider regularly that it could be just me talking to myself internally and offering the advice that I know deep down that I should heed, but the thing that stops me in my tracks is that I get told about things I have no knowledge of. If I had studied a topic and it came back to me years later in the form of a personalised memory then I could 100% accept that, but often the things I am told I have no clue about at all, the topics are not something I have ever learnt about or had any experience of.

So with all this said; that Kundalini comes on as a personalised spirit, that it talks sense, and it is not a prank to cause me grief, why does it do this?

I can accept the idea that the Kundalini awakening is analogous to an aerial receiver being set up for CB radio transmissions and there after can be used to communicate with others, albeit with vibrations in the spine and head over words and sound. But the why of it elludes me.

Is it a religious thing like I’ve said before “A hot line to the big JC” or is it more akin to the Akashic record of man being accessed through different personalities depending on the subject. Is it a fairy god mother or guardian angel watching over me and keeping me safe, or is it just a brain that has been wired up wrong and is imagining all this? I don’t know the answer, but I would certainly like to as the reasons for it being a chaotic explosion of nonsense that defies reason are probably far greater!

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