Angelic Communication

Well it’s been a while since I’ve written something like this:

11/01/24 13:10 – I was listening to Alex Jones interview Jim Breuer about god and the devil and I got a powerful kundalini surge out of nowhere, I was simply working away at my desk and focusing on my job, and this surge caught me by surprise. It is the first time in a long long time now that I have had one and it put to bed fears of it never happening again to me.

The Kundalini Shakti surge rapidly went all the way up my spine and out of my head. It went to the halo level experience and took my breath away, and I’m glad I was sitting. This was a powerful moment and must mean something significant.

In my acquired style now, I gave thanks, and asked who it was that was contacting me, but I could not identify the source of this communication, no matter how hard I tried! I did my usual list of people, but it was none of them. I was saddened that it was not my mother trying to contact me, but I then asked if it was a message about mum.

So this contact tells me that mum was a sacrifice to the universe and that I have done well recently in persevering in life, through different trials and that this contact is the result of my test.

I passed this test it would seem and with this knowledge my spirits lifted, and now I can move on to new things. I was struck by the duplicitous nature of the message, and said out loud “Shit man! Evil sacrificed my mother to test me.”

While the feelings of Kundalini surging filled me with joy, I was split and my mind turned to darkness about the message being relayed. With this dualistic tugging going on inside me the feelings faded, and the messenger rescinded from my awareness.

13:55 – The kundalini surge returned and this time openly identified itself as the angel Gabriel!!! I stopped what I was doing to take notice. Gabriel is a messenger right? The Christian god’s most powerful angel. He announces god’s will to the world. So what is god’s will for me?

“Can I have the download please?” I asked.

“You are loved” he says.

This is a wonderful message of course, and I had never stopped believing it over the last few years, but to receive this communication now was something of a release for me. I ask if my waiting is over again, and he says it is and I thank him. But then I ask “what comes next?”

I get no response!

Things will likely unfold in the coming days but for now I am pleased and comforted. I have no idea what will happen next, but clearly my journey is not over yet, and it’s nice to be reminded that I am still loved by the source.

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