Disclaimer: I am not inverting things nor would I lie to you, my integrity is worth more to me than most things in my life. The things you read here are the truth, and are intended to educate and inspire.

Most of the things we are now told about by out governments and our media are the opposite of the truth. Never before has this been so evident than in the the world of 2020. One must be a detective every day to “try” and figure out the truth from all the lies, and some days I honestly have to give up and wait until the headline becomes reality in retrospect.

“We’re following the science”

says Matt Hancock, and promptly ignores the scientific community.

The world as written by Eric Arthur Blair taught us about inversion and for most of my life it has been just a story, but now that reality is bleeding into ours. So how can we deal with it?

The first thing is know that you are not going mad. The second thing to know is that most of the world is mad, incompetent, thick, and evil. I don’t mean satan worshiping evil, but ignoring the word of god evil by not obeying their better judgement, and by not being kind or honest to those in their lives.

The third thing is to not change who you are to adjust to the world of lucifer. It is his domain and it is meant to be thus, and this should not come as any surprise to you. We all knew this time was coming, but didn’t know when, and as you know it is 99% a spiritual war. Evil cannot pick off the strong and only preys on the weak, and when it predates them it does so through manipulation and by convincing them with fear. You have learned not to fall for this already.

The last thing is to remember the power of the word “no” and to use it carefully. You must mean it and honor it.

Good luck agent!

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