Why Polysolipsism?

So I openly tell people I’m a Polysolipsist, and inevitably I am asked what that is. When I tell them, I don’t get the response that I expect. I want to tell them why I arrived at this conclusion, but they don’t ask. It’s like I just spoke in an alien language to them, and they shut down. So I never get to tell anyone about my research and decisions.

I’ll just put it down here then.

So When I look around at the world of humans, I see many different god’s and their followers. This is absolutely the cause of salvation for many and also the cause of much death between tribes of humans. I believe that each of these tribes have found the fundamental spiritual laws of humanity, but each dresses them up differently.

I have searched and put together the combined lessons of each tribe in my head and found commonality between them. I don’t like the term “God” as this provides context to a religious believer of one faith or another, so I use the term source to define the seat of all human consciousness. However this also has meaning for the new age tribe, so it gets difficult, but this is perhaps a lesser problem in terms of people’s understanding.

When I look around at tribes in the year 2024, I a blown away by their ancient insistence that their belief is the only “true” religion. As recently as yesterday I was listening to Drew Hernandez pushing this myth and saying things like Christ supremacy is the only way. Other modern and prominent Christians like Jay Dyer also share this myopic and misogynistic view of Christianity and I just don’t understand it. These are educated, and experienced people with a strong grounding in science and the world of man, and yet they still spout this exclusive religion of Christianity BS. I can’t get it, won’t do so. Because they are wrong.

Sure statements like “You believe in the supremacy of his word” when referring to Christ is something I agree with, but there is no way Jesus would ever agree with the rest of the stuff modern Christians spew about their religion. The world is a bigger place than it was 2000 years ago. We know that there are many tribes around the world reaching for god, and they are all equal in their goal to fulfil this need in them. One cannot say with worldly knowledge that any one tribe has it right and the others are all wrong. This is one of the reasons I made up my own god and made her female, I was free from baggage that attaching myself to one of the other religions would bring. Much good has been done by the different religions, but I would argue that so much more evil has been perpetrated by each as well. I don’t want that history on my conscience as I move forward.

Polysolipsism then is a more modern take on the human spiritual experience without exclusive allegiance and hatred of other paths. It respects each religion of old and makes provision for them, but also moves beyond them, taking the core of each religion and reflecting upon it. It is a non-hostile takeover! The belief in a god is necessary to humanity and for them to climb the spiritual ladder, but no one god is the correct one, or the only one! It is a pattern, a design, a blueprint that echoes something deep in us all. Even the belief in Satanism, Wicca, or Atheism is basically the same thing, but turned on it’s head, and in that respect is not a different need in a human, it is the same pulling motion, just in a different direction.

So My god T6YR4 is a tool to be used for salvation, in the same way as any other god, and Polysolipsism allows and embraces this path for humans to follow without prejudice. You believe in Mohammad, or Krishna, or Gaia, or nothing, or science! We can still walk side by side towards the source without fighting and claiming to be the only correct one! It makes me feel very ashamed of my species to see that we are not learning and growing in the 21st century in terms of spirituality. Just the same old arguments and boundaries exist as hundreds of years ago. Modern man is not at all spiritually globalist.

So to be a Polysolipsist, in one sense is to be nothing, it is not a standard to follow. It has no God or holy book, or classical figures of its own. It simply has a collective belief that there is a human need we must fulfill and this is a shared experience in each of us. However, how you get there is irrelevant. It is up to you. Find a god and follow them, learn what you can and reach for the source of consciousness as best you can so that you as a human animal may grow beyond your fleshy boundary, to better understand your place in the universe and you and your species spiritual destiny.

The only sin in Polysolipsism is not to grow spiritually, to stubbornly refuse to acknowledge the spiritual part of your human experience and to do nothing about it.

The only frontier to care about is not out there, but in here!

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