Divide and fail to conquer!

The age old idea of divide and conquer is to stop your enemy from organising against you, it is designed to prevent groups of people from forming, and for those groups to join up with other groups. This is achieved by setting your enemy against itself along lines of ideology, race, sex, class, and for them to be so busy fighting each other in a manufactured false conflict that they cannot organise against you, or in some cases even see what you are up to. The resolution then is that an authority can carry on quietly making roads towards their goal while being unhindered by people with oppositional viewpoints. The plan seems ridiculous in the 21st century, but it still works and is still used because it still works. We are so proud of our technological achievements in 2024 that we fail to realise that socially and psychologically we are still neaderthals.

This is not the fault of humanity, and it is 100% the fault of the wicked controlling parasites of this world who are desperate not to lose their position, status, and power. They do not say what they mean and do not mean what they say. Thus it follows that humanity organised in a hierarchy is easily controlled by a few from the top, through lack of education, a basic greed in man and by the worship of status. People all want to ascend to the heights of the elite, and there is only one way to do this; to do as you are told no matter how immoral the request. When you have compromised yourself and rise to a position of height, like some sort of zombie horde you bite another and bring them into the fold too.

So the whole rotten tower of filth grows, under false pretenses, saying they want to help and making things worse for the majority, while rewarding their own for evil deeds that help them advance their own agenda. Now I’m not suggesting that this is a single amorphous tower (for the moment) and rather would push the idea that there are multiple hierarchies around the world competing, and what are they competing for? Well, for there to be only one tower, naturally!

So how could it be that this conceptual tower falls? How could anyone escape this control framework put in place before your birth, and having grown up in this environment how could YOU stand against this wall of inhumanity that seeks to suck the souls from each child so they will join the ranks of the undead zombie horde?

Well, organising against them is right out. That is the primary thing that the tower is designed to avoid. Any meaningful resistance to the totalitarian nightmare is impossible. Two options remain. The first is to covertly infiltrate the structure under the guise of being a member, and then to carry out sabotage. This has been done many times, and still the tower stands even taller than before. As a side effect of the infiltration the individual will have corrupted their being even if they are able to get to the point of sabotage, so they will already be as bad as the ones they sought to expose. Net gain seems to be very little for humanity, and zero for the saboteur themselves.

So what is the second option then? It is for each of us to to turn the system’s idea of success on it’s head and to not seek the material gains and social standing that we are supposed to, to put up with hardships and abuse from the agents of the system, to educate ourselves, to stand alone as individuals against the towers, and to avoid at all costs organising with others. We must all arrive at the same conclusions through learning science and psychology and through gaining confidence with experience. Only by standing behind a learned and lived truth can we all avoid the traps and surveillance that is meant for groups of people. Authority’s inherent weakness is that it is scanning and preventing other towers from forming, and it is blind to a mass of unconnected individuals standing up on their own, without prompting and gathering. They simply observe, learn, and then say no, on their own. No control, no organisation, no manifestos, no membership, and no loss of moral fibre. Afterall this is how evil builds it’s ranks on the other side of this spiritual war.

The amorphous blob of human society is huge, and powerful, but like David and Goliath it is vulnerable to small and individual resistance. Sure one little stone won’t bring down this corrupt giant, but 7 billion of them will be hard to ignore.

If we can pull together separately, to organise our internal selves only, to singularly offer a moral stand against all odds. Then together apart we can forge a different path for humanity. One that is actually good for us all and the planet itself. Power wants structure, hierarchy, and control for its own ego, humanity doesn’t need this.

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