Kundalini And The Serpent

I now understand why there is a connection between snakes and Kundalini awakening. 10 years after my Kundalini awakening I believe I have found why the association of these seemingly unconnected concepts was made, and what it means for all of us.

So the two unconnected concepts that are conjoined here are the symbols for the modern Neomammalian brain and that of the reptilian “old” brain. Here we find not just a metaphor, but an actual union of the homo sapien spaien old brain with the new. I speculate that these must be largely incommunicado before an awakening and the default state for the vast majority of us, with a leaning one way or the other down to heredity.

People who live with the “old” reptilian brain as a dominant characteristic are typically more aggressive, cunning, and value strength over intelligence. Conversely people who are Neomammalian lead are more interested in abstract concepts and honesty, they put their efforts into learning and cooperating with others over physical attributes. I’m sure we’ve all come across both types, but both should be able to reach an accord in their own bodies. The two types are generally trapped in the experience and outlook of their own brain type, but they don’t have to be!

The snake ascending into the brain then is a symbolic conjoining of these two brain types that were previously shunning each other in the body, with the reptilian brain looking on others as lazy nerds and brainiacs, and conversely the Neomammalian brain looking down on others as stupid and Neandertal like. These are not people types that will typically get along with each other, both will consider the other as inferior and there is only conflict ahead for them. But post awakening these two different aspects of a human brain are communicating through the Kundalini shakti and cooperating with each other like never before. They provide a wider/deeper understanding of what it means to be human, and an unleashing hidden potential in the previously underused cerebrum. Add a calming of the differences previously revered and prized, and you have a more harmonised approach to life and relationships with other humans.

If you look at our own Hu-man history, either real or fictional, the idea of the serpent yielding great power to leaders is everywhere, from Arthur Avalon (or Pendragon), to Dracula, or Zhu Yuanzhang to Asclepius, and more recently the WHO organisation or Draco Malfoy. Leaders appear to value the serpent as a pictorial display of the joining of the old and new brain and this yielding special abilities that they want known.

So for me then the joining of my old and new brain through a Kundalini awakening means that my brain is functioning better than before, perhaps evidenced by the Kundalini surge experience. Maybe this phenomenon is a physical connection being opened and a novel fluid is indeed moving between the two from a store in the base of the spine. The new agreement of the two brain parts to share and get along, could be a gateway to new experiences for the human that was previously rather dull and robotic.

These people who have accepted the partnership are now luminous and bright in spirit, flowing with creativity and drive. Able to sprint past other homo sapien sapiens in terms of their thinking and perception in the world. This alliance of brain structures also allows for the human race itself to be assessed and categorised in a way that those with still separated brain parts could never do. It gives rise to insight and discerment, to avoiding traps and seeing the motivations of others more clearly.

So the Kundalini awakened person is an internal hybridisation of old and new brains to produce a better brain overall, and this is what the pictogram of the snake rising in to the brain along the spine means. It is a diagram of the Kundalini shakti moving from the base of the spine and entering into the brain to then perform a balancing of the to aspects of ancient and current brain so that they cooperate and work together more effectively.

That is why Kundalini is shown as it is diagrammatically, according to me anyway 🙂

Note: For those who enter into the Kundalini awakening for the wrong reasons, and ultimately fail its test. There may lay pain and suffering and without the assimilation of the two brain parts a hyper-abnormal state of mind is possible with mental illness following along shortly after.

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