I look upon sane people who have a crazy episode very differently now to how I did when I was young. I see them today as escapees who want to tell the world what is going on and what they have witnessed. They have escaped the Matrix, maybe only breifly, but long enough to find that they were living a lie. They are not crazy but clearly the rants and the raves are used against them by authorities who are either ignorant of or complicit in the details being shared. They maybe drugged, sectioned, put under medical controls, but if they make it out of those traps to emerge again into society then they are forever different. They have experience now, no longer ignorant, they have left the cave and returned to tell the others.

These people are heroes of the human race, brave enough to look beyond the veil for the truth, and stupid enough to try to tell everyone about it, and then clever enough to resume lifef in some form. These are my people, to whom I impicitly relate, and those ignorant fools playing their games in the Matrix and never asking questions, or learning about their plight, are the real crazy ones who deserve all they get from a simulation that seeks to control, milk, and ultimately kill them off.

I’d love to hear from some more escapees as this desert of the real is pretty lonely!

Wake up, Neo!

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