Archimedes Antikythera & Time Travel

As a fan of the prior Indiana Jones movies I had to see the new one, and was pleasantly surprised by the underlying historical themes in it, and these were far better for me than either the action or the script in this installment!

It must have been hard to move on from the status of the previous artifacts that Indi had searched for, and parking the Spear of destiny for a moment, in the Antikythera mechanism the movie makers touched on one of my key proofs that time travel is not possible, and they ruined it for me! However in doing so they reignited the spark in me for the subject of time travel.

In the story a tomb of Archimedes is found and on it is an aeroplane effigy. The skeleton of Archimedes is also uncovered and he has a wrist watch on, so these two things indicate that he has already witnessed time travel. The big question is how?

In the movie’s philosophy, time travel is possible by natural time portals forming all around the planet based on the positions of the planets and our moon. Archimedes invents an analogue computer that can predict the time and location of these portals based on the settings made by a user, but unknown to the characters in the movie, the dial only indicates portals around Sicily that will bring them back to his time exclusively. So the hapless antagonist Nazi Voller uses the device in an attempt to locate a portal that will take his plane to 1939, but it takes him and the others to 212 BC instead. This tidies up the tomb reference and artifact, but what of this time travel idea?

To imagine that there are portals forming in the sky that act as windows of time travel, based on the position of the planets is a hard one to believe but it ticks two of my core requirements for time being a real entity. Firstly it is natural, and secondly that it is observable. It may also be linked to stories like the Bermuda triangle with aeroplanes disappearing while flying through storms over it. Having this as an aerial phenomenon would also preclude us from seeing it on the ground, so the previous idea that I had of time forming in whirlpools and eddies is possible if it happens among the clouds! Of course my proving of this idea is going to be hard, and I could use a dial of destiny of my own, but it does at least resonate with the makers of this Indiana Jones movie.

I can imagine a natural series of time portals to different periods of time opening in the sky based upon the movement of the planets, and behaving like the El Nino/nina weather patterns. If the time portals were to be found as stable, then there could indeed be a mathematical formula to predicting the time and location of these portals opening and closing. It’s all very “observable universe” in its thinking, and does not require flux capacitors, phone boxes, or nano scale particles to achieve time travel using powerful human enforced scientific devices. It’s natural but also probably breaks newtonian science, oh well!

One thought back on the spear of Longinus, at the end of the movie it is placed next to Indi’s bed, like it has been retrieved for him by someone else. We were told in the movie that the one the Nazis had was a fake, so what of this one? Did someone work out how to use the Antikythera to do something other than predict the location of time portals that take them to 212 BC; perhaps to 38 AD?

So what now? Well I’m going to be observing and researching the possibility of time portals being real and there must be some evidence out there! Are there commercial flights that have disappeared in storms that people thought were crashes? Are there things emerging from storms that are not from our current time period? Has anyone reported travelling through such a portal and returning?

PS: As per Jay Dyer’s breakdown on the movie it is clear that Indi is a recruitment path for spies of the educational mindset, ones that like to solve puzzles rather than pout and shoot stuff. So what do we make of the Polybius cipher appearing in the movie? With a rich backstory linked to the CIA, Indi talking about Polybius links him to MK Ultra mind control and recruitment of new spies through an arcade game. Is this simply advertising targeting a new generation of people?

Become a professor they said, work for the deep state they said, it will be fun they said!

PPS: I was wondering as to the significance of the prominent date in the movie 20th August 1939. So I looked up what happened in history on that date, and found it was a trade deal between Russia and Germany, which was intended to bring about better and closer relations, and I couldn’t help but wonder if this was significant in the real world today! With the current date in the movie being 1969, I postulated that there was this 30 year gap between the occurrences of the time portal conjuncture, so if we move ahead another 30 years we get 1999, and then a further 30 years brings us to 2029. Now this date of 20th August 2029 aligns with a well known year for the globalists and science nerds; 2030! It also kinda matches the climate clock end date which I think I can remember as 21st July 2029. So with this significance identified as a symbol of something, what could it mean? Perhaps it is a new pact of peace between Russia and the West being made, and this is being secretly communicated through this movie!

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