Kundalini Is What They Are All After

What is it that is it that humans are after spiritually? What is that magic which exists at the core of major world religions? What is the secret that is at the hidden center of occult societies?

It is a state of being where everything can be felt as being connected, and those connections can be plucked. It is an experience of service to the source of consciousness, and also of complete human freedom. It is a mindset of total awareness yet also unthinking inactivity.

I have come to know it as Kundalini, but it has many names as it is fundamental to humanities spiritual prize. I could try to rename it but I have no-idea what else is as unknown and carries less baggage than this term. It is probably because I am a European and Indian concepts are culturally alien to me. It may be a very different story for a Hindu, although I understand the concept is not well known in India either.

This is the experience every spiritual aspirant is after, and every practitioner keeps quiet about. It is the highest level of human maturity that has been discovered, yet may actually not be the summit. Scientists conduct experiments to measure it, and hippies smoke plants to visit it briefly, and yet it can be attained by anyone relatively easily without any complex equipment or dangerous chemicals.

If a majority of humans could live the way of Kundalini and lead the rest, there would be no need for many of the controls our world has to ineffectively weed out wrong doing, People would simply act accordance with the source of consciousness as Christ did and tried to communicate to his disciples. This maturity is not a master-slave relationship with some golden robed leader commanding their flock to outwardly obey some arbitrary set of rules, while inwardly being corrupt to the bone.

Kundalini is the inward journey first projected onto an outward life, and it is that rarest shared essence of mankind expressed individually by every human without an organised group structure of rules and punishments. Instead it is a shared knowledge of how to behave towards each other that can be located deep within, and found to be a common set of human characteristics beyond personal greed and envy. All in this state work for the primal source of human consciousness, and while this may seem to be bondage or slavery, it is actually freedom from the control of wicked and corrupt leaders who profess one thing and do another beyond closed doors. Would you rather serve in heaven, or rule in hell?

Kundalini is responsibility, for ones place in the universe and for ones actions on earth during ones life. As previously mentioned it is ultimate maturity as a human, being accountable for ones actions, behaviours, and thoughts. This may seem like an arduous painful living, yet it is balanced by the universe itself. While one listens for the will of the source, and acts upon it’s instructions in obedience, one finds that the source will acts in one’s best interests and has one’s back, sometimes in impossible ways. By giving up total control one finds total control, as long as it is not ego driven for the ego is that evil which must be defeated in each of us. More correctly it is the evil which must be understood, kept in check, and only used to defend against wicked plots.

While all of this is easy to communicate and explain, it is as you might guess not easy to accomplish in practice, and not because it is technically difficult, or physically heavy. Rather that ego is a tricky bugger that will defeat most, and prevent them from maturing. Ego will keep people as children, and as slaves to its selfish desires which seem so needful in this life. Yet is ironic that it is just those needs which are met when one goes to the opposite end of the maturity spectrum. Only those honest enough to walk the path of faith here will find out, and sadly most will succumb to the wily games of the ego that drag them back to immaturity.

Kundalini awakenings are rare, not because they are accessible to only a select few, but rather it is because knowledge of their existence has been kept hidden, and the rules while not difficult to understand, are difficult to follow devotedly. Yet these awakenings will herald the next great golden period for man. One where maturity reveals the barriers between us were made up, and the differences in our appearances are only skin deep. We are human and we are capable of individual collectivism that binds us all together without mandating any laws, rules, or orders.

We’ve just got to be true to the source of consciousness which we can all access inside ourselves.

WTF! you may be thinking, That’s impossible. No, it isn’t and it also isn’t as hard as living with the consequences of our weak selfish mistakes. Speaking the truth to power may be hard to do, standing alone without support or encouragement. In fact doing this often sparks detractors to warn and show concern for your welfare. Yet if one doesn’t, then one is alternatively left to exist in a private hell, full of hatred and anguish for the situation you are in, and feeling you are powerless to escape. It is this latter situation which drives people to despair and to find harmful ways of making it stop.

Kundalini is the ultimate spiritual prize and our real great awakening as a species.

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