Kundalini And Doing Right

Doing the right thing in the face of a huge amount of pressure to do the opposite is one of the challenges we all face in life, so often the wrong path is easier to take and leads to rewards of a material kind which entice and persuade people to go the wrong way and do the wrong things.

Often “occult promises” are used as a influencer over people to either entice and encourage those who are seekers of secrets, or it is alternatively deployed to scare and panic a person going the other way into compliance with the group.
The thing that both these approaches have in common is that they rely on “belonging”, to being a part of something that one may see as beneficial or detrimental depending on their view. For the group there is only one goal of increasing their size and gaining control over another slave.

How does one find the confidence, courage, and strength to stand against such a collective, on your own and with full realisation that it is going to hurt? Kundalini is that strength, it is that resolve to stand like David in the face of Goliath and do the right thing. Doing the right thing in the face of adversity is at the core of Kundalini and it is one of the keys that unlocks the door of Kundalini Shakti. Likewise failure to do the right thing and seeking personal gain is the antithesis of Kundalini and will lead one further away from personal salvation and it will lock that door up tight. This is true even if one is offered an olive branch of help by evil when you are in a place of powerlessness and desperation. You must not accept that help even once. We all have an innate sense in us to tell when this occurs, and the way out of that situation is to see it through to the end on your own.

As humans we are shaped by our memories of wrongdoing and shame, and strong memories of past guilt will drive one further towards evil. The vast majority of us were brought into this life through love and we were wanted as children and shown love by our parents. Someone raised us to know right from wrong and at an early age we were rewarded for doing what was right and punished for doing wrong. As we grow some forget this at one level and seek to gain power, money, or control for themselves at the expense of their conscience. However it is clear that in the world these people still know what they are doing is wrong, so they pretend to others that they are good and righteous and put on this show of justice and goodness to fool others. They know that appearing as the monster they are inside openly, will not work in the aforementioned world we live in and so it is that wickedness hides in right in front of us.

Kundalini Shakti is made of pure goodness, and it’s rising will lead you to a new way of living. It is genuinely lower case English language occult in its existence in the world, in that it is hidden from all but a few, and it is not at all well known or understood. However it is not satanic in any way and only those who approach kundalini without love will have a negative conversion, from the mirror in themselves (and then go on to spread rumours that Kundalini is evil). Kundalini is no more satanic than a gate which swings both ways allowing people to go in either direction on a path, the essence of evil is in the makeup of the individual and not in the operation of this hidden human facet.

Kundalini is also not recruiting people into a cult of membership, it is an individual personal club of one. There are not societies of members out there, there are not lodges of worshipers or churches of followers, there is no subscription to pay or union to join. I do not push Kundalini because I seek to glorify myself, or have slaves in some religious cult of my making. I spread its knowledge through love for your divine essence and because of the need to do the right thing in the face of an evil world which would seek to have me do the opposite. Kundalini is your right, maturity, and growth. It is your human inheritance, and with it comes a polarisation to society that is physical and mental that leaves you on one side of the gate or the other.

Kundalini will not let you do wrong post awakening and will provide support and encouragement to do the right thing in any situation, in fact it will force you to do the right thing even if it is detrimental to your health. Someone who has successfully grown through Kundalini will be trustworthy and responsible, will be at peace with themselves and will be trying to help others become their best selves, it will allow for clarity of vision and thought and will provide avenues of understanding others such that their games become transparent and obvious to the practitioner.

We live in a society of democratic freedom, which means that old fashioned ways of “convincing” people to do as they are told are not permitted, so instead coercion is different and less effective, although evil’s prowess has become cleverer over the years. So as an individual one needs to learn and defend against the dark art of deception, and Kundalini allows for this skill to grow and flourish in the individual. It provides one with a toolbox of thought devices that will allow you to find out if you are being scammed or initiated, and if that being in front of you is trustworthy and honest. In doing this alone Kundalini is worth the effort by allowing one to navigate the field ahead and to dodge attacking players with ease and compassion is so valuable, but this is only the beginning of Kundalini’s growth.

In all honesty, Kundalini has been hidden from us humans, by other humans who seek control over the individual and to give power to the collective. No, hidden isn’t quite right. We have been diverted around it by our kin when we see it, they convince us to look the other way and distract us with silly things they tell us are important. It is not meant to be found by us, yet it is not truly buried in our culture, it is there in plain sight and can be discovered if one is persistent tenacious and relentless in their learning beyond what society teaches. Kundalini is like a speck of gold in the silt of a riverbed, it shines out to those sifting through the waters of human knowledge with devotion to the truth and an iron will for understanding.

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