The Christian Gospel – A Metaphor

Jesus is the metaphor for the child within you, who is innocent and is full of love and wonder. He is wrapped in a religious metaphor which makes the Gospel difficult to believe, until you understand this is actually a non religious psychological method for recovery and then connection with the source of consciousness.

As adults we can be guilt ridden and living “in hell” because we feel bad about ourselves, our prior decisions and actions. This causes us to act in weird ways that are not normal and we debase ourselves in the process. This in turn has an effect on those around us, and they will respond in a karmic like way to reflect our already bad feelings about ourselves, which further embeds the problem. We can end up hating ourselves and those around us, and wanting to die because of this. it can also cause repetitive and aberrant behaviour as the person tries to escape themselves, fails, and gives up trying to do the right thing. Why be good when it is so hard? It’s far easier to go along to get along!

The good news of the Gospel then is the way not to “ever lasting life”, but to happiness and freedom from feeling like crap, for the rest of your life. It is a metaphorical plan on how to be happy, and to lose your guilt and anger at yourself. As once this is gone you can have an experience with “god”, this is the experience you were always meant to have – Kundalini can activate and you rocket off to a new reality.

The idea of Jesus dying on the cross and paying for all your sins is an analogy for you forgiving yourself and your wrongdoing, and then living your best life afterwards without guilt and fear and self loathing. You see we put ourselves in horrible situations, and then act abberantly due to our own conviction and custodial life sentence for wrong doing. The Gospel is a metaphorical map of how to get out of this.

Jesus coming back from the dead is the idea of you forgiving your adult self, returning to a state of childhood innocence, and being free again of anguish in your life. Once this is done you can transcend what you were before, you will find strength in difficult positions, and stand for something rather than fall for everything.

Believing the Gospel and giving yourself to Jesus is really a metaphysical model for you escaping the pain of your past, it is disguised pyschology. Without following the model you can do as much charity work as you like, and receive praise for it (maybe in the form of useless internet likes), but you cannot move beyond your past and “earn your way to heaven” without this Gospel model (Think Led Zeppelin). So when it is said the way to god is through Jesus, this is absolutely correct as the way to freedom and innocence, laughter and happiness is to forgive yourself your past by giving it away to one who can take it from you. The idea then of this perfect one, this Jesus, is the idea of giving up your worries and failings to something that can take them from you, and thus you have to believe that you can forgive yourself through a third party which will relieve you of the stresses. In the same way Christ can take your sin, an app could do the same in the modern age; Neo Jesus!

Jesus coming back from the dead then is the idea of your ressurection, your rebirth into a world where you are innocent and free, as you were when you were a child. Sin binds you to the dark world and it holds you and tortures you, and asks for more from you. Unfortunately our world creates situations where you can choose the wrong path over and over, and the chances are that you do so because you did the same last time.

So why then forgive others if all they have to do is to forgive themselves. Well people don’t find that easy to do, they cannot find the ability to forgive themselves, but if you act as Jesus for them, if you forgive them to start with (no matter how they have harmed you or others) you start that chain reaction in their brain. It’s like a Jesus virus that spreads exponentially very quickly and may allow them to come to Jesus themselves. You are literally helping them out of their sin as a proxy for Jesus.

What is the second coming of Christ then? This is perhaps a return to an earlier point in your life when you did believe all of this, but again got duped by the evil in our world and were drawn away from innocence. The second coming is a return to the belief in forgiveness that you know you had once before.

So if this post makes you angry and hate filled, let me offer you my forgiveness, and maybe you can begin to forgive yourself.

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