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Below are some build photos of various stages. I've scaled the images rather than shrink them so you can save them full size.

09/04/12: I have finished the repainting of the model and now am starting to put Serenity Reaver together, here's a teaser photo.

10/04/12: Here is a nearly completed thruster with reaver coverings.

21/04/12: I have built some new legs for the old girl which are nearly accurate to the movie, my intention is to put these back into the non reaver model as well.

I have also reworked the underside of the cargo bay to cover up the unsightly ribs, and added angular corner pieces showing retracted legs (for flying configuration).

Here is a shot of the cargo bay with thrusters offered up for fitting, you can see the new reaver paint job on the wings and thrusters.

01/05/12 Just about finished with the Engine with all its stick on Reaver parts, now need to work out a better way than before of doing pipework in paper.

10/05/12 Repainted and re-gunned cabin is now in one piece.

15/05/12 Serenity's head is now ready for attaching with the body, and in fact all these component parts are ready to be brought together and there's not much left to do:

28/05/12 - Woot! AliceModel have stopped selling Serenity, well done to everyone who complained. In the battle of Serenity paper valley, the Browncoats win!

Here's another teaser shot of the very nearly finished model:


06/08/22 - Found my Serenity Reaver model for sale on eBay, for £18! The seller 11vasea70 has agreed to stop selling it.