Jane 18/04/21:

Subject: The “bug” in my head explained. The “obsessive bug” in my head is…..


Source is the ultimate addiction. It goes a bit like this…..What is this force? How much of it can a human vehicle take? How much of it can an alien take? What can it potentially be used for? What could I possibly do with it? What are the “higher” uses the esoterics refer to? Could I better utilise it for source’s use if I understood it better? Is it sources will that requires me to understand it better and thus that is causing the “bug” ? Lmao. Questions lead to more questions. 

This is a pure source energy that I experience and it is supercharged when I am droned so I just feel a need to understand everything I can about it. Even though I know it is ultimately God’s will I do with it – this shit is like a strangely obsessive curiosity to me that won’t go away. But I think it is because I got stuck years ago, hence that part of the esoteric teachings in that specific book being kept at hand on my bed, my unfinished business. It was like the weirdest knowing that there was a “permanent thinkers block” like a limitation in my own mind  to then recognising that maybe I just need another mind that is capable of understanding this stuff to bounce off if I am to work this shit out!  

I didn’t want the ridiculous book title to put you off because I instinctively knew that it would.  So I tried to introduce the information to you in stages by sending individual pages but then I feel I lost control. What followed was that the stupid fucking title and some of it’s content put you off it! Lmao. I felt you shut down. I am requesting that you please try to Look past or rather through the bullshit and title. I need you to please read the book reserving opinions or preconceptions. There is the “eastern way” and there is the “western way”. This was the secret western way. Sorry, I know that this is probably completely new to you so the terms and phrases used in the book will be unfamiliar to you. It’s like learning a foreign language. I can feel like that with your Buddhist terminology 🙂

In my overall conclusion from what I understand up to now I think that when it boils down to it you are right in that the Kundalini energy is all a form of communication or energy exchange but of different qualities and substance depending on the realm of the interaction. As I have explained before it takes discernment to read such stuff regarding things like reincarnation, marriage and all that shit, just skip that information that you don’t resonate with.

To me this is a case of good information but with that bullshit wrapper from the author’s mind from ego, religion, opinions and  indoctrinated cultural crap! Ohh, I guess that’s basically life! Lmao. Could you please specifically go through the information about the human condition stuff as it is built as a being, the different bodies and realms in humans and their conscious evolution and how the Kundalini works through each one? Or not, as the case may be. Lol. 

As with the eastern chakra system there are several bodies or realms within a human being, they range from more basic/animal up to divine that Kundalini works through. Not all of them are switched on. In most cases only the lower are active. The higher bodies I guess you could say are active in the intelligencia and/or the spiritually awake. It seems the high abstract mental realm uses the realm of imagination. 

Magic. I cannot work out exactly what they were doing? It was all kept very discrete. Understandably. They were obviously trying for the goal to advance humans and evolution using good for the all “magic”.  White magic. Comes from source. Think the opposite being the kind of magicians in the “child catchers” concept of yours and how the dark side use the same black magic against the masses. For the select few. Back to the matrix duality.  Lol. As always.  

The information is confusing to begin with until they explain that their term of sex force and Kundalini life force is the exact same thing. They even see/term the energy  exchange/interaction between people as “mating” be it in the physical, or purely mental, intellectual or spiritual realms of interaction. It is confusing until you grasp it so please try to persevere. This stuff was written in 19 fucking 30. Lol.

I am thinking surely we have got to have progressed since then in our consciousness? Knowledge? Progression?  Surely we are capable of far more today than they were? All concepts of human minds to me seem to be inside the box? Limited in scope or concept. I don’t believe we can deny that our relationship is not of the matrix at all. I perceive it as being not of this world or its vibrations. Yes I know our emails are sent through a matrix server but that is all it is, a means of transport or medium of communication.  

I would better describe the off planet “cosmic soul mate” concept as “aligned functioning alien minds” lol. Happily bouncing off each other. Please don’t feel you are under any time pressure to read this stuff. I know you are going through the other book as well. It is a combined learning. It will probably all take some time to sink in? Do it when you are ready. I don’t expect you to reply to me straight away with any answers. I have been on hold with this for years. Lol. Life is a journey, this will be a process. Just go with the flow…. lol. It is just that the fact is if we don’t have the same fund of information in our minds for us to consider, analyse and process the we cannot possibly work together in any meaningful way because there can be no bounce either way…..Lmao, QI (quite interesting) 

It has just been dawned onto me that for some reason we seem to have managed to bypass this stuff as a topic of conversation in previous exchanges of emails?  That’s weird?   Lol. I don’t even know how that happened?  Lmao. Night.

Laz 18/04/21:

So a couple of questions from me.

Are you admitting to being a white witch yourself?    

Jane 18/04/21:

I have studied witchcraft to determine between white and black but as with everything I have learned, I didn’t practice anything volitionaly. I am no longer capable of dark arts and I certainly cannot be turned to the dark side.  Lol. I will admit to using shamanic but again not of my own free will. I don’t know for sure what I am?  

Laz 18/04/21:

Is your obsessive bug, the hunt for a spiritual mate?

Jane 18/04/21:

My obsessive hunt is for knowledge, that I don’t believe is as yet known? Whatever that requires. I need a friend with spiritual intelligence. It has to be sources will for me to pursue this or I would not be so intently focused it.   

Laz 18/04/21:

I’m getting lots of signs this morning, I woke up with “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for” by U2 on my mind, I was recommended and watched a movie trailer for “The autopsy of Jane Doe” and right now I’m listening to a podcast that while seemingly unconnected has jumped into “feeling your way through life and the dangers of seeking a soul mate”. I don’t think I can offer you what you are looking for 🙁

Jane 18/04/21:

Ok no problem. Thanks for being honest. You have to go with your own instincts. Autopsy of Jane Doe.   Lol.  That’s funny. 

Laz Divine