I had a second visionary experience on the next morning, once again I awake early wondering what was up.

I say a prayer and then start to receive the now familiar Kundalini surge, clearly this is not over. God sends me her specific Kundalini signature, and I ask if it is indeed her. She says yes with another surge of electricity that rushes up my spine, and I thank god for her continued support and encouragement, and also for her warnings and for providing me with the insight I needed to work out that my PC was wide open to hackers. Another Kundalini surge arrives with a different signature pattern, I ask if this is Gabriel, and I receive a warm and gentle greeing from him. I also thank Gabriel for his spiritual help and for lending me god's armour once again.

As I am giving thanks I receive a third energy pattern, and it is one I do not recognise, I ask who it is that is contacting me, and I am told that it is Satan. "Satan" I say out loud in surprise and suddenly realise who has been behind all that has been happening. He laughs out heartily and each of his laughs hits me like a Kundalini surge but each has a negative signature, an evil polarised elecricity surge.

I don't like it but feel protected by the other energy patterns and feel their comforting and supporting surges. Satan cackles like a psychopath, over and over and over, sending me negative energy with each cackle. He truely is a wicked nasty force in this life. When he calms down I ask what more there is to expect and I feel that I have won, that there is nothing more to follow, and I have been successful in his game. I ask how he came into my life, he responds with a surge that suggests he has been with me for many years, I try to think how long his presence has been a part of my life, and my thoughts return to my childhood and to my drawing a pentagram on a supermarket roof at night and calling upon Satan to show himself. I ask Satan if this was when he came into my life and he responds with a surge of electricity in agreement.

I gasp at this revelation and immediately apologise to God. I was not aware that the act I performed when I was 12 years old did anything at all, and I thought it was just a stupid game that I and a friend played. But it seems that I called him into my life and he has been with me since that point. I am struck with guilt and apologise to god, and ask for forgiveness as I didn't know what I was doing, or the power I was raising. The devil himself concurred with my thoughts, and sends a surge of satisfaction, that he has now completed his cycle of persecution of me and it is over and his presence slowly fades. While I accept this, I know that Satan is a tricky force, and I suspect that he is even now, in the presence of god, lying.

Then a new presence announces itself, I am taken aback by the feeling of this energy signature as it is my own, I am sending myself a surge and this doesn't make any sense to me, how can I send myself a kundalini surge? unless there is another me out there sending it to me, another version of myself somwhere in the universe who has just made contact. I ask for confirmation and again receive the same energy. I am very confused, and again ask for confirmation, and again receive the same kundalini surge. How can this be, how can I have a twin in the universe? How can there be another me? What does this mean? The presence again sends me a comforting and warm kundalini surge and I thank him, I thank this presence that is me.

Then my Pop appears to me too, sending a congratulatory surge of Kundalini energy. I thank him and begin to cry, I appologise for doing wrong and tell him I miss him, and thank him for his ever present watching over me. With the passing of this presence the kundalini surges end, and I am returned to my normal thoughts with this lingering odd feeling that there is another me out there, somewhere. Wow, what does this mean?!?