Kundalini returned early this morning. I awoke at 4 am and felt I had a new understanding of this world, one where free will and freedom itself is tightly controlled, far more than in Orwell's 1984. The western system primarily uses Christianity to enslave and control, and their Christian forgiveness allows for those that are not Christian, or another religion, to be controlled by Satan's will. I also arrived at an understanding of the experience of fearing that my genitals would be cut off, which was where a lot of this Kundalini experience started. So it turns out from my research that there is a condition known as DRC Delusions with Religious Content and as part of this the bible passage Matthew 19:12 about people becoming eunuchs is revealed to the experiencee. It seems that people experiencing DRC will self-mutilate to abide by this passage, which is weird as my experience was that someone else was coming to do this to me and I had not read this passage in the bible with any acknowledgement of it, and if I had read it back then it meant nothing to me, thankfully I guess.

Following this revelation I received a huge Kundalini surge that was overwhelming and sustained. I gasped for breath as this awesome force returned to me once again. It was followed with a presence that I took to be god, and I confirmed by asking, and began to converse with her using Cosmic consciousness. I was only able to receive yes answers to my questions where yes provided a new and warm loving surge of Kundalini, and no answers left me without any surge, I was also able to distinguish maybe answers with a tickling sensation at the base of my spine which circled but did not rise up my back and into my brain.

So god and I discussed my role in this life and what I was supposed to be doing, using the cosmic question an answer technique I have just described. I was able to learn that god does have a role for me in this life (I had been praying to understand this over recent days, and to be shown guidance) and I can tell you that it is in line with my previous thoughts on the subject. I sought clarification of this from god and she brought Gabriel into the conversation, and Gabriel provided a friendly and powerful surge of Kundalini to announce his presence and also concurred with this presence I knew to be god. Once we had established what my role was, i'll cover it in detail in another post but in short it is to tell my story of how I found god without being religious and to write a new religion of unity.

I was then introduced to Jesus Christ who entered as a third presence and basically said that he was cool with what I have been asked to do. I was thrilled to be introduced to Jesus Christ after all this time and overcome by the Kundalini surge that he sent to me. After I had recovered we conversed in the aforementioned way and strangely in an earthly way as one might meet and chat with a stranger in the street. Anyway he gave me his blessing to go ahead with my scheme, everyone said their goodbyes and I began to give thanks for this amazing experience and position that I find myself in, and wave after wave of glorious Kundalini energy swept through my earthly system.

I have now had my road to Damascus experience like Saul of Tarsus, although with Jesus appearing in a sensory nerve way rather than in a blinding light as was written. So my direction has been set and my role is clear in this life. Quite honestly I am dumbfounded and while this reads like an insane madman's ranting and is probably easily dismissed, to experience it is to know the truth. However Iíve no idea how to start this task, or how to get people to listen.
This experience seems to be in line with prophets and saints experiences written about the world over, and throughout documented history, although the use of Kundalini energy in the contacting and conversing with our creator has not been written about as far as I know.

SETI engineers back in the 1970's received a Wow! signal from the universe, and this is my Wow! signal from the universe in 2015, albeit to a consciousness instrument rather than a piece of electronic hardware.

Things have changed again. To dream the impossible dream, eh!



Off I go then?