I’ve been going through it today I can tell you, Kundalini surges, anxiety, paranoia, revelation, psychodramas, and I think I have caught the new delta + variant. Gotta Catch ’em all, hey!                

In the middle of a pyschodrama following Sajid Javid’s speech this evening I came to a strange decision. I decided to talk to the virus in me and pray for it to change, to mutate into something beneficial for us, rather than detrimental, you know like instead of giving people pneumonia perhaps it could cure them of cancer. In doing this I got the Kundalini communication surge and felt like I had been heard. With this my negative feelings lessened.                 

It’s bonkers and stupid, but as per usual I cannot deny my experience. How are you doing?

Jane 20/10/21:

Hi, sorry you are having a rough time of it 🙁

So what brought it on? Was it the vaccine topic? Are you feeling afraid of Covid, or are you not? 

Laz 20/10/21:

No fear, just the feeling of inevitability. 

Jane 20/10/21:

It is not at all bonkers, it makes perfect sense to me. I have had psychic moments of contemplating the virus and asking it to be a more benevolent organism. Like having the side effect of something beneficial like raising humanities vibrations. 

So I would say the best time to do that is whilst it is in the act of mutating? 🙂 I know what it feels like for the mind to want to talk or reach out to unusual things, I used to do it by mind focus following the sounds/vibrations back to the very source/point of whatever machine was hitting my ears and basically tell them that it was not them I had a problem with and I felt no negativity towards them. Detached, I could not will them to break down for my benefit. I felt a connection to the thing I was talking to. I know, that sounds batshit crazy too! 

Laz 20/10/21:

You do not seem bonkers to me either 🙂

Jane 20/10/21:

I am glad to hear your surge worked and reduced negativity 🙂

Laz 20/10/21:

It’s a grand but fruitless gesture of mine 😀

Jane 20/10/21:

I am fine thanks, been busy working on my next feedback discussion stuff. Aka, my ramblings. Lol. 

Laz 20/10/21:

I look forward to more of your ramblings 🙂

Jane 24/10/21:

I am laughing my head off, have you seen the government advert for booster jabs? They show the people with a glow around them, it looks like they are radioactive! Lmao. Funny.

Laz 24/10/21

Yes, just earlier I saw all the “North Korean” adverts for us 🙁


This is so true! 😀


Jane 24/10/21:

That is laugh out loud funny shit! It does show the absolute lunacy going on. When it is spelled out it is absolute garbage. And funny. Lol.

I agree that the numbers are skewed in the UK by this death within 28 days of testing positive means that is what caused the death!? Like … captain. Lol.

I look at people around the world, especially those in high positions in their masks trying to talk through them and think…is this really what humans have been reduced to? 

Laz 24/10/21:

I’ve been asking myself this a lot. It’s so very sad to witness. And the danger is a scared and desperate society will do illogical things, crazy things. It’s like the end of the Mayan empire all over again! 

Jane 14/10/21:

If covid has an intelligence it must be laughing itself stupid at us. When you think that the majority have been vaccinated, then 40, 000 plus a day infected for weeks now surely it must have been through the whole population by now? People have to just get on with it and live with it. There is no need for panic fearmongering and kneejerk reactions.

Leaders are meant to make decisions from a non emotional position but the emotional retards do not seem to get that. As for America all their agendas including media are lobbied by people like big pharma and the military. I watched something the other day that explained how the military rule Hollywood and have every say in film production to warp the narratives of history. Now they do the same thing in video gaming. Hypocrites throw the same accusations at places like China.  It is a bonkers world.

Perhaps one day we will get a counter virus of anti stupidity? Lmao. 

Laz 24/10/21:

Maybe my praying to the virus in me can start that particular mutation 🙂

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